Currently, all Airstory accounts are free - no need to cancel. 

You can delete your personally identifying information (PII) as well as your projects, notes, images, and templates at any time, and you can stop using Airstory Services at any time. 

To permanently delete your PII and cancel your account, please follow these steps: 

  1. Login to your Airstory account. 
  2. Access 'Settings' from the bottom of the purple navigation bar:

3. Under 'My Account' select 'Delete my account':

4. Choose 'Yes - Delete my account':

Please note that once you delete your account you will no longer have access to your projects, notes, templates and images AND they will no longer be accessible to your collaborators who once shared access to your selected Airstory Services.

If you have any problems deleting your account OR have questions about deleting your account please contact Airstory Support for assistance. 

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