A big part of Airstory's differentiation is its "teaching templates", which can be found on the Airstory Market.

Teaching templates use Airstory's commenting and note features to walk you through how to use the template in order to get the most from the template.

You can access the Airstory Market in-app by clicking on Templates (in the purple navigation bar) and then Get More Templates (in the upper right-hand corner of My Templates): 

When you use a template in an Airstory project make sure to check the Note Library (hover over or tap the Airstory icon in the upper left hand corner to access the Note Library) as well as the Tabs (located at the top of the document page) to ensure you've accessed all the pieces of that particular teaching template. 

While in the Airstory Market you'll find loads of free templates that you can import directly into your account with one click -- templates that will guide you to writing better emails, landing pages, blog posts, etc.

Our team is always adding new templates to help you write faster and other Airstory customers will soon be able to make their own templates available on the Airstory Market.

Happy writing 😊

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