Cookies are pieces of data stored by your web browser that websites & applications like Airstory rely on to quickly remember and retrieve information, such as your user session. This streamlines your experience, and helps Airstory communicate with third-party integrations such as Evernote.

If you're experiencing problems importing data into Airstory from a third-party such as Evernote, or the Chrome Researcher extension won't load, it's likely that your browser is blocking the reading/writing of third-party cookies.

Third-party cookies must either be enabled, or exceptions made for the following:

If you already have third-party cookies enabled, try disabling your browser extensions 1-by-1 to see if another extension is causing a conflict with Airstory or the Researcher.


Google Chrome

Open your cookie security settings

You can either completely switch off the block for third-party cookies,
OR add an "Allow" condition for and like so:

Mozilla Firefox

Open your Privacy / History settings:

You can either change Accept third-party cookies to "Always",
OR click the [ Exceptions ] button and create an "Allow" exceptions for like so:

Remember to click [ Save Changes ] when you're done!


  • Preferences
  • Select the Privacy option
  • Under Block Cookies select "Always allow" or "Allow from websites I visit"
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