Cookies are pieces of data stored by your web browser that websites & applications like Airstory rely on to quickly remember and retrieve information, such as your user session. This streamlines your experience, and helps Airstory communicate with third-party integrations such as Evernote.

If you're experiencing problems importing data into Airstory from a third-party such as Evernote, or the Chrome Researcher extension won't load, it's likely that your browser is blocking the reading/writing of third-party cookies.

Third-party cookies must either be enabled, or exceptions made for the following:

NB: If you already have third-party cookies enabled, try disabling your browser extensions 1-by-1 to see if another extension is causing a conflict with Airstory or the Researcher. Any 'Ad Blocker' extension will likely prevent the Researcher from injecting HTML into the page, which will produce the frustrating, persistent spinner.

Google Chrome

Open your cookie security settings

You can either completely switch off the block for third-party cookies,
OR add an "Allow" condition for and like so:

Mozilla Firefox

Open your Privacy / History settings:

You can either change Accept third-party cookies to "Always",
OR click the [ Exceptions ] button and create an "Allow" exceptions for like so:

Remember to click [ Save Changes ] when you're done!


  • Preferences
  • Select the Privacy option
  • Under Block Cookies select "Always allow" or "Allow from websites I visit"
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