Airstory's Chrome extension, Researcher, allows you to grab content from the web, create an Airstory note from the selected content and then save that note in a desired Airstory project. 

Plus, the Airstory Researcher auto-captures info about the source – so you don't have to make note of the URL.

To begin using the Researcher, grab the Researcher here; it will appear in your Chrome toolbar.

Next, when you find web content you'd like to clip, either right-click on highlighted text to activate the Researcher:

Or, click on the Researcher extension from your Chrome toolbar: 

Once you've finished highlighting the desired content, click 'Done' from the Researcher's pop-up window: 

Then select the project you'd like to assign the note to, tag your web clipping and, if desired, revise the citation and/or select images from the webpage and add them to the selected project's Image Library:

Select "Save" and keep clipping web content OR view the clipped content in your Notes Library from within the selected project. 

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