Airstory's outliner not only gives you a high-level view of your document it's also interactive.

Here are some quick tips for interacting with the items in the outliner:

  • Click anywhere in the outliner to get the first text box: 
  • Double click into the box to input your sub/heading.
  • Use "escape" to save your sub/heading *NB: any bold text with the small black circle with a + or - sign adjacent to the text is a sub/heading*.
  • Hitting "enter" will open a text field below the current item. 
  • Move to the next item (or the next line) by hitting the down key or move to the previous item (or line) by hitting the up key.
  • Hitting "tab" along text that has the following sub/heading symbol will indent the heading (making it a subheading):
  • Hitting "shift"+"tab" will outdent a sub/heading.
  • You can collapse a heading to hide its subheadings and notes by clicking the black circle with a - sign adjacent to the sub/headings text. 
  • You can expand the sub/headings by clicking on the black circle with the + sign adjacent to the sub/headings text. 
  • You can drag into the outliner both images and notes from the library drawers.

Editing your outline:

  • Double clicking on an item will open it for editing.
  • Hitting "space" will open the item that has focus for editing.
  • Clicking on the "x" in the upper right-hand corner will also delete the item.
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