The following integrations are available on all Airstory accounts:

1. Evernote - 

Easily import your Evernote notes directly into your Airstory projects exactly when you need them.  

Getting Started: 

  1. Access your Note Library while in your desired project by clicking on the Airstory logo in the upper left-hand corner. 
  2. Click on the Evernote icon.
  3. Connect your Evernote account to your Airstory account.
  4. (Re)Authorize Airstory to access your Evernote account. 
  5. Choose the Evernote notes you'd like to import and click Upload. 
  6. Open your Airstory Note Library to find and use your imported Evernote notes. 

Finally - all of your research at your fingertips 😌

2. Researcher  - (Chrome extension)

Airstory's Chrome extension, Researcher, allows you to grab content from the web, create an Airstory note from the selected content and then save that note in a desired Airstory project. 

Plus, the Airstory Researcher auto-captures info about the source – so you don't have to make note of the URL.

To begin using the Researcher, grab the Researcher here; it will appear in your Chrome toolbar.

Next, when you find web content you'd like to clip, either right-click on highlighted text to activate the Researcher:

Or, click on the Researcher extension from your Chrome toolbar: 

Once you've finished highlighting the desired content, click 'Done' from the Researcher's pop-up window: 

Then select the project you'd like to assign the note to, tag your web clipping and, if desired, revise the citation and/or select images from the webpage and add them to the selected project's Image Library:

Select "Save" and keep clipping web content OR view the clipped content in your Notes Library from within the selected project. 

3. WordPress Plugin -

Publish your content directly to WordPress

The Airstory WordPress plugin makes it fast and easy to send your Airstory content straight to any of your WordPress blogs (as a draft). Install the plugin and follow the instructions to activate it across all the WP blogs you run or contribute to. Works for multiple users. Note: Your blog must be capable of using https to use the plugin.

Get the WordPress plugin here

Get support for the WordPress plugin here

Enjoy using Airstory! ☀️

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