The privacy of your content is very important to us - for that reason Airstory always defaults to the strictest privacy settings. Your account and all the assets associated with your documents are viewable only to you until you share them.

Whether you are a team administrator or member, any documents you create must be intentionally shared with your team in order for other team members to view your documents. 

If you are not the document owner you will not be able to share the document with others unless/until the document creator has altered your editorial permission levels making you co-owner of the document.  

To share your document with other team members follow these steps: 

  1. Open the document you'd like to share with your team members,
  2. Click on the green 'Share' button in the upper right-hand corner,
  3. Select 'Add a team member', and then
  4. Choose the email(s) of the team members you would like to grant document access to. 

At this time you must let your team member(s) know that you have granted him/her/them access to the document; the document will appear immediately on the team member(s) Airstory desktop.

We hope you enjoy using Airstory! ☀️

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