Share the templates you've created with team members or guests*  - here's how:

  1. From the purple navigation bar, click on Templates. 
  2. From My Templates, open the template you'd like to share by clicking on the template. 
  3. Navigate to the link under Share this template with people you like and click on the copy to clipboard icon. 
  4. Paste the copied link in an email and send it to the intended recipient of the template. 

Because the shared template is a snapshot the template at one point in time, any changes you or the recipient make to the template will not overwrite the originally shared version of the template.

*Please note: Guests can view your shared template without an Airstory account, however, they will not be able to save the template without creating an Airstory account.

We hope you enjoy using Airstory! 👍

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