A lot of first-time Airstory users ask us about how to best use notes.

We think of notes as flexible containers that store information to be used and re-used... by you and other people on your team. (Along the lines of Evernote notes.)

Examples of note content include:

  • A thought or idea for a new blog post
  • An important quote or testimonial for your home page
  • Approved language for any company or client communications
  • A data point or research snippet that you've clipped from a website
  • An important email, tweet or Slack message that you've captured via Zapier

A note may include just a few words, a phrase, several sentences or entire paragraphs of content. They're meant to be dragged into your document and moved around, so we tend to use notes for smaller, discrete pieces of content.

Additionally, since Airstory's Edit Note window is much smaller than the document itself, it makes sense to limit how much content you capture in a single note, especially if you plan to edit that content frequently.

That said, you can also create a note out of an entire document (using Airstory's "Cardify" feature), giving you the ability to easily duplicate your work anywhere in Airstory without relying on copy and paste.

Airstory's 'Cardify' feature:

Please send us a message if you discover an innovative use for notes in your own projects.

We hope you enjoy using Airstory! 👍

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