Airstory's web clipper browser extension allows you to grab content from the web and create an Airstory note from the selected content to be used across your documents. 

Plus, the Airstory web clipper auto-captures info about the source – so you don't have to make note of the URL.

To begin using the Researcher, grab the Researcher here; it will appear in your browser toolbar.

Next, when you find web content you'd like to clip, either right-click on highlighted text to activate the clipper:

Or, click on the web clipper extension from your browser toolbar to grab the desired content: 

Once you've finished highlighting the desired content, click 'Done' from the clipper's pop-up window: 

All your saved notes will appear under the search field in your Airstory extension. 

You can search in your extension for the notes you've clipped by using the Search field or by clicking on a tag to view other notes with the same tag:

Happy researching 😊

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