Now when you share your Airstory projects with other people they can view your work without ever having to create an Airstory account.  

Once you invite your guest to an Airstory project, s/he/they can view the project by clicking on the link inside the email invitation. 

The guest user will then see the following dialogue box :

Once the guest clicks on the Go to document button they will be taken into the Airstory interface where they can view (or edit) your project.

(When you invite guests to your Airstory projects, you can set their role to "View Only", "Researcher" or "Editor". Learn more about user roles here.) 

Guest users have 5 days to turn their temporary account into a permanent account by selecting Just create a free Airstory account now in the bottom right-hand corner of the Airstory interface:  

The only restriction on guests is that they cannot create their own projects, or administer yours (i.e., invite others or delete your project) - they will have to create an account to create their own projects or administrate teams. 

Now you can invite as many guests as you like to your projects and they'll be able to collaborate with you at no cost (to you or to them)!

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