When you copy and paste directly from a Google Doc (or another platform) into an Airstory document associated styling tags remain in the code and result in bolded text in the recipient Airstory document.

To remove styling or formatting when you copy and paste snippets of text from a G.Doc follow any of these suggestions: 

  • Copy the usual way (Cmd+C or Ctrl+C) but to paste the text use Shift+Cmd+V (Mac) (or Ctrl+Shift+V on a PC) to ensure the pasted text matches the style of the recipient Airstory document. 
  • Import the Google Docs content via the import icon in your Airstory document (this option is available in the Tab area of the document):  
  • Copy and paste the text as usual and then, while the text is highlighted, use the Tx from the floating menu in the Airstory document to remove the formatting of the pasted text:

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