If you're experiencing problems with the Airstory WP plugin please review the following troubleshooting tips:

  • check for compatibility conflicts (in your WP site's Admin area --> Tools --> Compatibility):
  • finally, please visit the Support page of the Liquid Web:Airstory site as well as the liquidweb/airstory-wp Github issues site to see if your topic has been addressed/resolved already. 

Because the Airstory WP plugin was developed by the smart folks at Liquid Web, if you're unable to troubleshoot the WP plugin issue independently please create a topic in the Support - Plugin: Airstory forum (describing the exact steps needed to reproduce your issue; providing any information you might think is useful - if your issue is visual, note your browser and operating system OR if your issue is technical, note your server environment and include a screenshot of the 'System Info' Report). 

The stellar support team at Liquid Web will get back to you as soon as is reasonably possible to help troubleshoot the WP plugin issue. 

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