First, if you haven't already, please take at look at our revised 'Welcome to Airstory' video; it'll walk you through the new UI and should answer any questions you have about Airstory's features and benefits. 

Next, the way you'll organize your Airstory account totally depends on the type of content you're producing. If you're creating a course or an email drip campaign (or anything in between) you can use the Projects as your overarching theme and then the tabs as individual concepts you want to explore; the Notes can help you add depth and credibility to your content (grab evidence or ideas from the web using the Researcher, our Chrome extension).

Let me show you what I mean by walking you through how to use Airstory for an email drip campaign:  Create a project titled "Engagement Drip Campaign" where each email in the campaign is its own tab in the project. Other tabs in the same project are used for ancillary marketing materials (such as landing pages, ads, and social content).

You can have a drip campaign for engagement (Use these to encourage your leads to interact with your company or brand sales process), re-engagement(Target leads that have gone cold with the intention of making them warm again.), educational (Share information on your services or products that provides value to leads and helps them make a purchasing decision.), promotional (Special offers, discounts, and promotions that will entice leads to make a purchase.), competitive (Compare your products, services, and organization to the competition by highlighting your strengths and their weaknesses.), or training purposes (Provide guidance and direction to new customers on their service or product, and to employees on training methods.)

You can choose to create 'versions' of the drip emails - in the same project - where you vary the content, length and tone etc. to see how these changes impact conversions. Each of these email versions can be kept as tabs in the appropriate (drip campaign) project.

Finally, choose the number of emails in your campaign and determine the sequence they will be delivered in - you can rearrange your tabs by opening up the tab menu (aka the 'hamburger icon' to the left of the tab titles), picking up the title(s) and dragging them into the most desirable order.  

The Researcher comes in handy for any content you create in Airstory because as you begin to research concepts, themes or flesh out ideas you can clip related content from the web, move that content into a note card and then file that note, as you create it, in the appropriate project.

I hope this information helps you determine how you might use Airstory - and the various features - for your content creation purposes.

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