First, please ensure the content you are attempting to clip is not a .pdf document. 

Further, follow these steps to ensure you are not blocking third-party cookies, as this will interfere with the Researcher's ability to grab content: 

  1. Open Chrome 'Preferences'
  2. Navigate to 'Advanced' and look in 'Privacy and security'
  3. Click on 'Content settings'
  4. Select 'Cookies' 
  5. Turn off 'Block third-party cookies'

From this, 

to this,

Now, refresh your browser and your Researcher extension will grab content from most sites. 

Finally, try disabling your browser extensions 1-by-1 to see if another extension is causing a conflict with Airstory or the Researcher (or just open an extension-free Chrome Incognito window to see how the Researcher functions without interference from any extension). 

Any 'Ad Blocker' extension will likely prevent the Researcher from injecting HTML into the page, which will produce the frustrating, persistent spinner. 

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